Weddings in Space


Space weddings are becoming a reality thanks to some innovative companies and adventurous couples who are ready to tie the knot in the final frontier.

Space weddings are not a new concept: in fact, the first one was performed in 2003, when a Japanese bride and groom exchanged vows via satellite from different continents, with an officiant in Texas. But now, thanks to advances in technology and tourism, space weddings are becoming more accessible and affordable for ordinary people who want to make their special day even more memorable.

One of the companies that is offering space weddings is Space Perspective, which plans to launch its first flight in 2024. Space Perspective will use a helium balloon to lift a pressurized capsule with up to eight passengers and a pilot to the edge of space, where they will enjoy a two-hour flight with stunning views of the Earth and the stars. The capsule will have a bar, a bathroom, and a large window for the ceremony. The price for this experience is $125,000 per person, which includes training, accommodation, and transportation.

Another company that is planning to offer space weddings is Orbite, which aims to launch its first flight in 2025. Orbite will use a reusable rocket to send four passengers and two crew members to orbit for a three-day stay at a luxury space hotel. The hotel will have private suites, gourmet food, and zero-gravity activities. The price for this experience is $500,000 per person, which includes training, medical screening, and insurance.

Both Space Perspective and Orbite have already received bookings from couples who want to get married in space. One of them is Noah Fulmor and Erin Finnegan, who were the first couple to book a space wedding with Space Perspective. They met at a sci-fi convention and share a passion for space exploration. They plan to have their wedding in 2024, on the 50th anniversary of Skylab, the first US space station.

Another couple who have reserved a space wedding with Orbite is Alexey Ostrovsky and Valentina Tereshkova. They are both Russian cosmonauts who have flown to space before. They met at the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center and fell in love during their training sessions. They plan to have their wedding in 2025, on the 60th anniversary of Valentina’s namesake, who was the first woman in space.

These are just some examples of the upcoming weddings in space that will surely make history and inspire future generations. Space weddings are not only a way to celebrate love and adventure, but also a way to promote peace and cooperation among nations and cultures. As Noah Fulmor said: “Space is for everyone, and so is love.”

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