Wedding Receptions


The reception can range from a small, quiet dinner to a grand celebration. It can be held in a ballroom, a church hall, a large restaurant, a private club, a garden, or someone’s home.

One can serve punch and cake, cocktails and hors d’oeuvres or imported champagne and a five-course dinner.

Your reception can be a breakfast, a luncheon, or a banquet depending on the time of the ceremony.

Some couples may hold their ceremony at a location at a particular time and stage a reception at a later time in another location. For example, you might have your wedding at 2:00 pm and then have your reception in the evening starting at 6:00 pm.

The important role of the reception is to give your relatives, friends, and loved ones an opportunity to greet you, wish you well, and celebrate your special day. The personalities and lifestyles of the bride and groom will mirror the type of reception you choose. A joyous reception is something many people will always remember and the memories can last a lifetime. 

If there is a long delay between the times the ceremony is over and when the wedding party is able to arrive at the reception site, have someone there to greet the guests and offer them drinks. The guests can go through the receiving line when you arrive.

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