Wedding Processions

Everything is set for the procession. Now what?

A wedding procession is a ceremonial and symbolic act of moving the bride and groom from one place to another, usually accompanied by their families, friends and other guests. The wedding procession can vary depending on the culture, religion and tradition of the couple, but it usually involves music, flowers, banners, signs or other decorations. Some common types of wedding processions are:

  • The aisle walk: This is the most common type of wedding procession in Western cultures, where the bride walks down the aisle with her father or another person of her choice, followed by the bridesmaids and groomsmen. The groom waits at the altar with the officiant and the best man. The bride and groom then exchange vows and rings, and are pronounced husband and wife.
  • The baraat: This is a type of wedding procession in Hindu and Sikh weddings, where the groom arrives on a horse or an elephant, accompanied by his family and friends who dance and sing along the way. The bride’s family waits at the entrance of the venue and welcomes the groom with garlands and blessings. The bride and groom then proceed to the mandap, a canopy where the wedding ceremony takes place.
  • The zaffe: This is a type of wedding procession in Lebanese and Arab weddings, where the bride and groom are escorted by a group of dancers, drummers and musicians who perform traditional songs and dances. The zaffe can take place outside or inside the venue, and it usually ends with a grand entrance of the couple to the reception hall.
  • The cortège: This is a type of wedding procession in French and African weddings, where the bride and groom leave the ceremony venue in a decorated car or carriage, followed by their guests in their own vehicles. The cortège honks horns, waves flags and makes noise along the way to celebrate the newlyweds. The cortège can also stop at some landmarks or places of significance for the couple to take photos or receive blessings.

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