Bride and Groom Kissing in the forest

Tiny Weddings & Minimoons

With the ongoing pandemic we have seen an explosion of couples who have gotten very creative with their wedding day planning.  From Tiny Weddings (minimony or...

Church flowers on pew by stainglass window

Wedding Recessional

When the organist begins the recessional music, the bride will take the groom’s right arm and proceed up the aisle together. The bride’s attendants will follow...

Bride and Groom

Wedding Receiving Line

If the receiving line is formed at the back of the ceremony site or stairway, the pictures are taken immediately after the guests go through the...


Wedding Procession

Everything is set for the procession. Now what? In Protestant services, the congregation stands as soon as the wedding march begins; the Marriage Officiant enters and...

white ring bearer pillow with wedding rings

Wedding Day Timing

There are many types of ceremonies, traditions and customs. The majority of Christian brides use the following procedures, but you must determine with your family and Marriage Officiant what procedures you will follow on your wedding day.

One Type of Wedding Ceremony

The procedures of the wedding ceremony may differ from belief system to belief system, on the couple’s wants and needs, and on the Marriage Officiant’s practices. Within a given belief system, traditions are varied and many couples write their own wedding vows and ceremony.

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