Wedding Guest Thank You Cards

Wedding Guest Thank You Cards Trends 2023

If 2023 is the year you’re planning on getting married, you might be wondering how to express your gratitude to your guests who shared your special day with you. Sending thank you cards is a traditional and thoughtful way to show your appreciation, but how can you make them stand out and reflect your personality? Here are some of the latest trends in wedding guest thank you cards that you can consider for your big day.

  • Personalized Photo Cards: One of the most popular trends in wedding guest thank you cards is to include a photo of you and your spouse on the card. This adds a personal touch and lets your guests see how happy you are as a newlywed couple. You can choose a photo from your wedding day, your honeymoon, or any other memorable moment that you want to share. You can also customize the design, layout, font, and message of the card to suit your style and theme.
  • Handwritten Notes: Another trend that is gaining popularity is to write a handwritten note on each card instead of printing a generic message. This shows that you took the time and effort to write something meaningful and sincere for each guest. You can also add some details about how you met them, what you enjoyed about their presence at your wedding, or how much you appreciate their gift or contribution. A handwritten note will make your guests feel special and valued.
  • Eco-Friendly Cards: If you are conscious about the environment and want to reduce your carbon footprint, you can opt for eco-friendly cards that are made from recycled or biodegradable materials. You can also choose cards that have seeds embedded in them, so that your guests can plant them and grow flowers or herbs. This way, you can give them a lasting gift that will remind them of your wedding and also benefit the planet.
  • Creative Cards: If you want to add some fun and flair to your thank you cards, you can get creative and try something different from the usual card format. For example, you can send a postcard, a magnet, a bookmark, a coaster, or a sticker that has your photo and message on it. You can also use different shapes, colors, patterns, and embellishments to make your cards more eye-catching and unique.
  • Digital Cards: If you want to save time, money, and paper, you can also send digital thank you cards instead of physical ones. You can use online platforms or apps that allow you to create and send customized e-cards to your guests via email or social media. You can also add animations, music, videos, or interactive features to make your digital cards more engaging and interactive.

These are some of the trends that you can follow for your wedding guest thank you cards in 2023. Whatever you choose, make sure that your cards reflect your personality and gratitude for your guests who made your wedding day unforgettable.

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