Wedding Day – A Few Different Types


The Military Wedding

Brides can have the fanfare and splendor of a military wedding when they marry military officers on active duty. The unique characteristic of a military wedding is the traditional arch of sabers (swords in the navy) under which the bride and groom walk at the end of the ceremony. The ushers who are all fellow officers of the groom in full dress uniform form this arch. The procession and ceremony follows standard procedures.

The Double Wedding

Good friends or close relatives may have a double wedding. The great appeal of a double wedding is the emotional as well as financial saving it offers families facing two successive weddings. Double weddings are usually formal and follow the same rules of dress as any other formal wedding.

The House Wedding

A house or home wedding may hold a sentimental attraction for either the bride or the groom. One’s own home or that of a relative or friend can provide a unique setting for a wedding.

For a religious ceremony at home, a substitute altar and a kneeling bench or cushions may be necessary. These could be set in front of any attractive background such as a fireplace or a floral screen. Ribbons or ropes of flowers and greens could form pathways to the altar. The procedures of a semiformal wedding are followed, however, there have been extremely well done formal affairs held at homes.

The Outdoor Wedding

In a formal garden wedding, the “altar” can be a beautiful canopy located in the most scenic spot. Tents can be erected for protection in case of bad weather. Some of the most beautiful weddings are conducted outdoors.

The Second Marriage

A second time bride may be married in a formal, religious ceremony if her faith permits, but older widows and divorcees often choose simple ceremonies attended only by relatives and a few close friends. It used to be a rule that a second time bride never wears white or a veil but today many girls will choose traditional wedding attire. Brides will wear what makes them most happy ignoring tradition.

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