Wedding Ceremony Trends 2024


If 2024 is the year for your wedding, you might want to know what are the latest trends for wedding ceremonies. According to various sources, weddings in 2024 will be more personalized, creative, and eco-conscious than ever before. Here are some of the most popular wedding ceremony trends for 2024:

  • Celebrant-led ceremonies: More and more couples are opting for customised celebrant-led wedding ceremonies, where they can rewrite their own vows and make their ceremony truly original and reflective of their relationship. Celebrant-led ceremonies also offer more flexibility and diversity in terms of language, culture, and location .
  • Film photography: There is a growing demand for film wedding photography, which gives a nostalgic and artistic touch to the wedding photos. Film photography also adds an element of anticipation and surprise, as couples have to wait for the photos to be developed .
  • High impact florals: Flowers are always a staple of wedding d├ęcor, but in 2024, couples will go for more bold and dramatic floral arrangements that make a statement. Think oversized bouquets, hanging installations, flower walls, and arches.
  • ’80s aesthetic: The retro vibe is back in fashion, and weddings are no exception. Couples will embrace the ’80s aesthetic with neon lights, bright colors, geometric shapes, and synth-pop music.
  • Interactive guest experiences: Weddings in 2024 will be more focused on the guest experience, as couples want to make their day memorable and fun for everyone. Some of the ways to achieve this are virtual reality (VR) wedding experiences, where guests can immerse themselves in different scenarios or locations; personalized wedding vows and readings, where guests can contribute their own words or stories; and incorporating hobbies and shared interests, where couples can showcase their passions or hobbies through their ceremony theme or activities .

These are some of the wedding ceremony trends that you can expect to see in 2024. Of course, the most important thing is to make your wedding day your own, and celebrate your love in a way that suits you best.

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