Up-cycling your Wedding Flowers in Canada


Beautiful flowers from your big day can get a second chance at lighting up peoples lives. “All Joy. No Waste.” is ReBloom’s philosophy when it comes to up-cycling your wedding and event flowers in Canada. Since 2014, this Calgary based organization has been an innovator in re purposing event florals which may have otherwise been sent to landfills.

ReBloom works with you to ensure flowers are collected after your big day and will be re-arranged and sent to a charity of your choice, making a positive impact within your community. Once the flowers have been enjoyed ReBloom returns to the charity to re-collect the flowers for composting and arranges to have the compose delivered to local growers and farmers in the area.

With locations across Canada ReBloom has worked with over 1500 partners and non-profits to grow this sustainable idea. You can spread the love and gratitude for your beautiful flowers even after your big day with many people who can appreciate them for their beauty, and their beneficial compost.

Another such groups out of the US. The Simple Sunflower are individuals who started a flower up-cycling program in Richmond, VA. Elenor Love, a medical doctor and flower lover, saw an opportunity to take these lovely and decorative flowers and bring them back to sick patients who are in hospital long term care. “The flowers are still in good shape, and patients are over joyed to have them” says Love.

One study found that viewing plants helps reduce pain levels, anxiety and fatigue with patients in recovery by brightening up an otherwise sterile hospital setting.

We ask you to think about how you can up-cycle your event flowers and brighten more people’s day, as well as, helping the planet through composting.

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