Tiny Weddings & Minimoons


With the ongoing pandemic we have seen an explosion of couples who have gotten very creative with their wedding day planning.  From Tiny Weddings (minimony or micro weddings)  to Minimoons, these celebration styles provide the couple with a small intimate affair which offers a safe and personal experience for everyone involved.

Tiny Weddings are seen as full scale celebrations with a guest list of 50 or less.  Often family and close personal friends are invited to enjoy this event.  A Tiny wedding takes the romance of an elopement and the pizzazz of a big traditional event and fuses it into a desirable event choice for many couples.

From scaling down the event from a full day to just a few hours you gain the opportunity to enjoy your guests to the fullest.  A romantic ceremony with cake and champagne and a dinner at your favourite restaurant could be the perfect fit for your wedding day.

Think all things mini.  Mini sessions with your photographer on the day of and after will allow you the time to get the images that you are longing for.  Mini cake servings allow you the opportunity to create individual experience for your guests as well as offering variety.  Mini florals on the table make for a welcoming and intimate experience.  You get the picture.  All things mini is the hot new trend for 2021.  Bigger is not always best.  

Making a MiniMoon their focus, couples are taking advantage of staying home more often with travel restrictions. By exploring local options like wineries or a national park.  They are opting to stay as close to home as possible while still exploring new or favorite activities.

Tiny Weddings has created an opportunity for people to have their wedding celebration and honeymoon in a safe manner and if they desire a BIG party later, that option is still open.  It’s the best of all worlds.

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