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It is important to understand that marriage is a partnership and assisting your “partner for life” is what you need to do to get involved and contribute. Going off getting drunk and showing up with a nice haircut on the day is “old news”.

Formal Wear:

After you select the date, you should select your best man, ushers, and choose what they will wear. The color accents should match those of the brides’ attendants’ dresses. Make sure your outfits are in order and ready to be delivered or picked up on time.

Your Bride:

You should give your input on the guest list and invitation announcements and enclosure cards. It is your responsibility to get the marriage license.

It is important that you update your bride through the hectic planning stages and keep her spirits up and her happy. This lets her know that you care about this day that is important to her, and also is important to you. It can be very stressful and you both need to help each other through the process.

If your parents are hosting a rehearsal dinner, assist them in planning it.


Make sure all necessary documents – passport, birth certificates, etc. are in order for your honeymoon once you and your bride have decided on the destination. This includes: transportation, hotel reservations and time schedules. Make sure you have everything you need packed away for your honeymoon.

If you are staying overnight at a hotel after the reception, be sure it is very comfortable and has a late checkout. Quite often couples stay at costly places where they get there late after their wedding and are unable to enjoy a hot tub bath or Jacuzzi before they must leave.

Transportation & Accommodations:

Be sure to arrange your transportation for the day and account for any special arrangements for out-of-town guests (accommodations and transportation) or give them options to book these on their own if they wish.

Your Best Man:

Your best man should be able to assist you with many things. It is necessary to itemize your plans so that he may understand his role better and what needs to be done. Make plans for your bachelor party in conjunction with your best man if you or he is giving one. Remember to buy gifts and small cards for your best man and ushers. If you wish, you can pay the Marriage Officiant ahead of the ceremony, but traditionally you should place the fee in an envelope with the Officiant’s name on it and have the best man pay at a convenient time. Make sure your best man and ushers are aware of their schedules and responsibilities.


Be sure your house and financial affairs are in order: adjust insurance policies; open any new checking or savings accounts you will need. This also includes any moving plans into a new house or apartment for either of you or both of you.

Your Wedding Day:

On your wedding day, it is imperative to arrive on time. Plan to be there at least 45 minutes earlier to consider traffic or untimely disasters. (flat tires, etc.) Be sure to arrange your transportation for the day and account any special arrangements for out-of-town guests.

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