Unity the Wedding Directory


Looking for Wedding Products and Wedding Services in Your area?
Or Looking for ideas and information for Planning your Wedding?

Unity has succeeded in bringing together the products and services needed to plan a wedding in a categorized and alphabetized wedding directory and wedding planner.

Unity has an Online Wedding Planner and Library.

From small to large wedding planning, products and services – Unity is Making It Easier for Brides and Grooms

\If you’re looking for some help keeping track of Costs, Deposits, Appointments, Dates, and Addresses for all the events leading up to your wedding, the
Budgets and Bookings Section is for you. Unity is a great way to get organized for your Wedding.

We also have Wedding information of all kinds. Calendars, Ceremony Information, History, Parties,
Procedures, your Wedding Reception, and Who is Who and Who does what, and much much more.

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