RJMSounds DJ Services


RJMSounds DJs is a professional DJ company providing entertainment for all types of events including, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, private and social events.

Two brothers started their DJ journey from Cape Town, South Africa. Raoul and Julian began their DJ career playing at back yard parties mixing and recording music with cassettes. It started with two cassette decks, Hitachi and Blaupunkt name brands, a technics turntable, vinyl records and recorded music. In order to mix music smoothly they opened the back-end of the decks and inverted the motors and added a tiny hole in the front end of the decks. A Philips tiny screw driver was used in the front of the deck to speed and slow down the music. This enabled the brothers to mix music seamlessly and have continuous music playing without any dead air, today it is simply called beat mixing. Back in the day a lunch box (4 channel mixer) was also created by Raoul while taking an electrical class at school, their DJ band name was called Beat Street then. Today the two brothers are recognized as pioneer DJ’s for their creative skills and ingenuity, and simply go’s by their initials RJMSounds, (Raoul) (Julian) (Marcel) and(Maurice) conveniently given by their mother in the early 80’s.

As we evolve and innovate there are some things that will never change and they are customer satisfaction, professional services and referrals. We work hard by updating our software programs and spend the money on purchasing new lighting and equipment, and guarantee to have an up to date digital music library that can cater to all ethnic and multicultural backgrounds. We guarantee not to make any false promises and to give you the best DJ, Audio and Video Entertainment services that can be.

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