Reception Seating


The Bride’s Table:

When there is a sit down wedding breakfast, luncheon or dinner, the sitting placement can be arranged in the following way:

Generally, only the bridal party is seated at the bride’s table, although spouses of attendants may be included if there is room.

The bride and groom sit next to each other with the bride on the right. It is customary that the bride and groom, and usually the entire bride’s table be served even if guests serve themselves at a buffet table.

Place cards are necessary only on the bride’s table and parent’s table if you use them at all. Place cards can be used on all tables if desired. Place cards on all tables requires a complete seating plan. Alternatively, numbered tables requires less work and a more general seating plan as you are only assigning people to tables and not to specific chairs.

At a stand-up reception, it is thoughtful to have a few tables at the sides and in the corners for those requiring them.

The Parents’ Table:

The parents of the bride and groom and other members of the intimate family, the Marriage Officiant and his wife, are seated at a separate table nearby.

The wedding cake may be centered on the Bride’s table or on a separate table.

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