Maid / Matron of Honor


The Maid or Matron of Honor is the bride’s personal attendant during the entire wedding process. The bride may even have one of each.

She ensures that everything is going smoothly, comforts the bride when necessary, holds the bride’s bouquet during the ceremony, and keeps the groom’s ring as well.

The M. of Honor may be differentiated by a variation in the style and color of her dress and flowers.

Her main duty is to see that the bride is calm and happy and that the rest of the bridesmaids are properly dressed and arrive at the church on time.

The M. of Honor is usually one of the two official witnesses to sign the marriage license.

The bride may ask her along to several of the vendors for advice and opinion, generally if for some reason the groom cannot go with her.

The Bridal Shower:

The M. of Honor should make sure the bride has at least one bridal shower. The Bride’s close friends, relatives, and the women in the bridal party may also throw showers.

The Wedding Day:

On wedding day, as tradition has it, the M. of Honor is to make sure the bride keeps on schedule and gets to the ceremony site on time.

She also makes sure the bride gets a little something to eat. The main reason people pass out during ceremonies is that they didn’t have any or enough food the day leading up to the ceremony.

The M. of Honor ensures the bride’s hair and makeup are as the bride wants it during her portrait session with the photographer.

During the reception the M. of Honor is generally asked to give a toast to the Bride.

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