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Disc Jockeys are responsible for playing music at wedding receptions. Many Disc Jockeys have become well versed on the microphone and utilize a more audience engaging style.
Professional DJs are familiar with the details that make a wedding reception lively, such as typical wedding songs, dances and games. An experienced wedding DJ can make a reception memorable. He’ll know how to get the guests on the dance floor and keep the party interesting.

Disc Jockeys generally have a library of music spanning many genres and decades to appeal to all attending a wedding reception. Wedding Disc Jockeys (DJ) arrange a play list according to the agenda for the reception. A DJ should be able to select appropriate songs for each part of the event and transition easily from one style of music to another. For instance, he can follow the couple’s walk-in song with uplifting music to excite the crowd and get people dancing but change to slower-paced songs when dinner is served. Experienced DJs also know how to read the guests and adjust the tone and tempo of the music to match.

Many Disc Jockeys also act as the master of ceremonies. In between playing music, they announce the various events at the reception, such as the arrival of the newly married couple, the cutting of the cake and the bridal toss. DJ emcees also make sure the events run smoothly and according to schedule and say a few words at intervals to entertain the guests and keep the mood light.

Disc Jockeys provide their own audio equipment, such as turntables and speakers, and everything else necessary for the machines to work. They might also provide special equipment like fog and ice machines at the couple’s request.

Unity is makes finding Disc Jockeys Easier for Brides and Grooms.

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