Ceremony & Officiants

The Wedding Ceremony is led by one of many people. It could be a Wedding Officiant who is certified through their local government or it can be a Marriage Commissioner, Minister, Justice of the Peace, Priest, Reverend, Rabbi, Imam or other leaders of places of worship.

Wedding Officiants may consult with couples to help them prepare their vows, oversee their ceremony and in some rare cases give advice about the seating arrangements of family members during the Ceremony.

Their main responsibility is to receive and witness the consent of the intended spouses and to ensure the legal formalities, and hence the validity of the marriage or civil union, are observed.

Unity is Making planning Wedding Ceremonies Easier for Brides and Grooms

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Brenda Platzer – Marriage Commissioner

Weddings that are professional, eloquent, creative, personal and punctual. I am available to meet with each of you. Over 20 years experience – brenplatzer@telus.net

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