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Unity has a directory of wedding and engagement services to help Brides and Grooms plan their wedding – Unity has succeeded in creating a categorized and alphabetized wedding directory and planner – Unity Wedding Directory and Unity Wedding Planner – From small to large Unique Wedding Services Unity is Making it Easier for Brides and Grooms

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Waterloo WP Creations

3D Life Casting. Such a sweet and heartfelt way to commemorate your special day. Capture a moment in time to be able to cherish for years.

Emily Paints Events

Live wedding painting combines the excitement of live entertainment with the magic and romance of a custom piece of artwork. The most personal (and romantic!) gift...

Snaptique Photo Booth

We are passionate about our classy and fun handcrafted photo booths. Whether you’re looking for a vintage feel or a modern theme, our photo booths and...

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