Grooms Wear Trends for 2024


If you are planning to tie the knot in 2024, you might be wondering what to wear as a groom. Here are some of the latest trends in grooms wear that will make you look stylish and confident on your big day.

  • Colourful suits: Gone are the days when grooms had to stick to black or grey suits. In 2024, expect to see more grooms wearing suits in bold and vibrant colours, such as deep sapphire blue, forest green, dark purple, maroon, and teal. These colours will add some personality and flair to your look, and also complement your wedding theme and décor. You can also opt for pastel shades, such as mint, lavender, or peach, for a softer and more romantic vibe.
  • Three-piece suits: A three-piece suit is a timeless and elegant choice for any groom. It consists of a jacket, a vest, and trousers, all in the same fabric and colour. A three-piece suit will give you a polished and sophisticated appearance, and also allow you to take off your jacket without losing your style. You can also mix and match different fabrics and colours for your vest and jacket, such as velvet, jacquard, or tweed, for a more modern and creative look.
  • Eco-friendly fabrics: Sustainability is not just a buzzword, but a lifestyle choice that many grooms are embracing in 2024. Instead of synthetic fabrics that are harmful to the environment, grooms are choosing suits made from natural and organic fabrics, such as silk, cotton, linen, hemp, charmeuse, or recycled polyester. These fabrics are not only eco-friendly, but also breathable and light, which will keep you comfortable and cool throughout your wedding day.
  • Monochromatic accessories: To complete your groomswear outfit, you will need some accessories, such as a tie, a pocket square, a belt, shoes, socks, and cufflinks. One of the trends for 2024 is to match your accessories with the colour of your suit, creating a monochromatic look that is sleek and harmonious. You can also play with different textures and patterns for your accessories, such as micro prints, textured jacquards, or velvet options.

These are some of the grooms wear trends for 2024 that will make you stand out from the crowd and impress your bride. Remember to choose a suit that fits you well, reflects your personality, and suits the occasion. Happy wedding planning!

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