Groom’s Calendar


The groom may not have as many wedding tasks as the bride, but his duties are important. The following is a six-month span (minimum amount of time necessary) to plan a formal wedding:

Six Months Before:

  • Order bride’s engagement, wedding rings.
  • Start making your guest list.
  • Make an appointment with your Marriage Officiant.
  • Discuss wedding expenses with fiancée and all parents should you decide to share costs.
  • Determine how many ushers you will require (approx. one for every 50 guests) together with your fiancée.
  • Finalize honeymoon plans with your fiancée and reserve necessary transportation and accommodations.
  • Ensure passports are updated, arrange for visas (if necessary) and check on any immunizations needed should your travel take you to a foreign country.

Three Months Before:

  • Complete your guest list and discuss with your fiancée.
  • Discuss wedding attire with your fiancée and make necessary arrangement to secure all men’s formal wear.
  • Decide who will be your best man and ushers and proceed to invite them.
  • Inform best man and ushers about their formal wear.
  • Complete honeymoon plans and buy tickets.

One Month Before:

  • Decide with your fiancée what the bouquet and going-away and mothers’ corsage will be.
  • Determine with fiancée boutonnieres for men in wedding party.
  • Pick up rings and check if engraving is correct.
  • Arrange accommodations for relatives, friends and ushers from out of town.
  • Purchase gift for your bride and attendants.
  • Be sure all documents are in order. (Legal, medical & religious)
  • Order gloves, ties and ascots for ushers.
  • Make certain they have all ordered their own attire.

Two Weeks Before:

  • Set a time with your fiancée to get the marriage license.
  • If you are giving the bachelor dinner, be sure arrangements are in place.
  • Ensure that you have prepared the transportation from the reception to the airport with your best man.
  • Double-check your honeymoon reservations.

One Week Before:

  • Give gifts to your attendants at the bachelor party.
  • Prompt your best man and ushers of the rehearsal time and place, filling them in on the rehearsal dinner.
  • Let the head usher know about any special seating arrangements.
  • Place the Marriage Officiant’s or judge’s fee in a sealed envelope and give it to the best man.
  • Have your going-away attire ready for after the reception.
  • Be packed for your honeymoon.
  • Prepare to move possessions to new home.

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