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Formal wear for men vary with the style of the day and level of formality of the wedding, however, men’s formal wear remain rather traditional.

In very formal events, the traditional attire remains the black tailcoat and trousers with satin stripes, a white single-breasted waistcoat, a dressy evening shirt with wing collar and cuff links, pearl studs, instead of buttons, and a white tie – the traditional formal bow tie. Patent leather tie shoes are worn with black dress socks. A silk top hat and white gloves are optional.

In present times, most formal wear is rented unless the wedding is an informal occasion in which a plain dark suit will suffice. Most formal wear rental shops are able to service any type of formal affairs. Colors and styles are more popular than in the past. Men are basing their selections more on what looks good on them than relying on tradition. Your formal wear shop can show you a number of colors and styles to suit your desires.

The attendants and the father of the bride should wear what the groom selects. If the father of the groom will be in the receiving line, he should wear similar attire to those of the attendants and the father of the bride.

Rental outfits should be rented at least 4 – 6 weeks before the wedding. Out-of-town attendants can send in their measurements. The men should try on their outfits a few days before the wedding to make sure everything fits comfortably.

Helpful Hints:

Have the shirt collar hug the neck and the shirtsleeves should extend no more than one-half inch past the jacket sleeve.

Jackets must not be tight in any way and button easily.

Trousers should touch the vamps of the shoes.

Black shoes and socks are worn with dark clothes; light-colored shoes with pastel or light socks are worn with light trousers.

The ring-bearer can wear an outfit that matches the groomsmen.

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