Engagement Announcement

Before any announcements in the newspapers are placed announcing your engagement to the world, consider that the people closest to you should be informed first.

Children – if you or your spouse-to-be have children, whether young or grown up, near or far, they should be the first to know. Your impending marriage will carry great changes for both families. The children, whether they expected it or not, should have a chance to adsorb the news and get ready for the changes. Having a stepparent and perhaps stepsiblings may bring a lot of doubts, worries, and questions.

Parents – once the children have been informed, the parents are next. You may announce the engagement to them together as a couple or each one separately to their own parents. This depends on the circumstances of the engagement or your comfort preferences. If the engagement will be unexpected to either set of parents, the couple should meet separately with their parents. The parents may have questions or concerns that may make it uncomfortable to voice while the fiancé is present.

If your parents haven’t met your fiancé, make an effort to get together.

If your parents live far away, call them on the telephone and make an introduction. You should still make an effort for your parents to meet your fiancé well before the wedding.

If your parents are separated or divorced, let each one know in person if possible. Even if you don’t get along with one of the parents, it is still a courtesy to inform them personally. A parent should not hear of his or her daughter or son’s plan to marry from someone else.

Relatives and close friends – after your parents, grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles, your close friends should be notified of the wonderful news.

Close relatives and friends can be informed in person or by telephone.

Others can be informed in any way desired: person, phone, e-mail, or regular mail.

An engagement party is a fun way of informing relatives and friends of the exciting news. If you choose to have a formal engagement party, fully catered, it can also be a great way to try out a catering service before the wedding.

After your close relatives and friends have been notified, you may consider a formal announcement of your engagement in your local newspaper and in the parents’ hometown newspapers (If they are out-of-town).

Newspaper Announcement of Engagement

You may include a photograph along with a write-up. Your official engagement should be announced within one year of your wedding date.

Having engagement photos taken by a potential wedding photographer can be a great way to immortalize the occasion, try out the photographer, and acquire a photograph for the newspaper announcement.

Some newspapers have special forms to fill out for the announcements. Check the newspapers that you plan to place your announcement for their requirements so you can be prepared.


An engagement is a wonderful event in your life and will evoke great emotions, but be careful during the hype that you don’t start making promises to any of your friends that they will be part of your bridal party. You will either be stuck with a huge bridal party or friends with hurt feelings.

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