Child Attendants


Children can add charm to a wedding, but may also cause problems. A shy or frightened child may freeze or cry at the moment when they have to walk down the aisle or may cause some disturbance during the ceremony. Poise and maturity should be the major factors in your choice of children.

The Flower Girl carries a little basket with rose petals, a small bouquet or a little flower-covered muff.

The Ring Bearer carries a white satin pillow with the bride’s ring (preferably not the real one) tied to the centre with ribbons.

Pages or Trainbearers always come in pairs about the same size. They are used when the bride has a long train on her wedding dress.

Child Attendants must attend the rehearsal so they can practice their parts. It is a good time to find out if there will be any problems and whether they will be able to do it.

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