Ceremony Seating

Some tradition wedding ceremony seating arrangements. The first row on the left side of the ceremony site is traditionally reserved for the bride’s parents and grand-parents, while the right side is reserved for the groom’s parents and grand-parents. The parents are positioned closest to the aisle. The positions are reversed for conservative and Orthodox Jewish weddings with the bride’s parents and grand-parents on the right and the groom’s parents and grand-parents on the left.

Relatives and honored guests are seated in reserved rows just behind the parents. These rows may be marked with ribbon or flowers and special cards issued to the guests who will be seated there. If cards are not issued then the head usher should be given a list of these guests.

Order of Seating

All guests are seated by the ushers in a first come first serve basis. 

At the very beginning of the ceremony special seating occurs as follows:

The groom’s grandparents are seated.

The bride’s grandparents are seated.

The groom’s parents are seated.

The bride’s mother is seated.

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