Alternatives to the Bouquet Toss


The bouquet toss is a traditional wedding activity that involves the bride throwing her bouquet over her shoulder to a group of single female guests, who try to catch it. The one who catches the bouquet is said to be the next one to get married. However, some people may find this activity outdated, sexist, or uncomfortable. If you are looking for alternatives to the bouquet toss, here are some ideas:

  • Breakaway bouquet: Instead of throwing one large bouquet, the bride can throw a bunch of smaller flowers that are tied together loosely. This way, more than one person can catch a flower and there is no pressure to get married soon.
  • The lock box bouquet is a fun and interactive way to involve your guests in a game of chance. The idea is to have a box with a lock on it that contains your bouquet. You then give out keys to your guests, either randomly or based on some criteria, such as age, relationship status, or how long they have known you. The guests then take turns trying to open the box with their keys until someone finds the right one and gets the bouquet. You can also add some prizes or surprises inside the box, such as gift cards, candy, or confetti.
  • The lock box bouquet is a great alternative to the bouquet toss because it allows more people to join in the fun, regardless of their marital status. It also adds some suspense and excitement to your reception, as everyone waits to see who will unlock the box and what they will find inside. The lock box bouquet can also be customized to suit your wedding theme and style, by choosing a box that matches your colors and decorations, and adding some personal touches to the keys and prizes.
  • Flower presentation: The bride can choose to present her bouquet to someone special, such as her mother, grandmother, or best friend. She can also include a heartfelt speech or a note to express her gratitude and love.
  • Anniversary dance: The DJ can invite all the married couples to the dance floor and play a romantic song. Then, he can ask them to leave the floor one by one according to how long they have been married. The last couple standing is the one with the longest marriage and they can receive the bouquet as a prize.
  • Charity donation: The bride can donate her bouquet to a local charity, such as a hospital, a nursing home, or a shelter. She can also encourage her guests to donate money or items to the same cause.
  • Bouquet quiz: The bride can prepare a trivia quiz about herself and her partner and ask the guests to answer. The one who gets the most correct answers can win the bouquet or another prize.

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