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Hair Jewellery and Lashes

Brides today are usually torn when it comes to making hair and makeup decisions.  Do they go for the natural everyday look, so they feel like themselves, or is it their one day to venture outside the box and try something completely new? That is why many brides are deciding to do two different looks on their wedding day.  They will go for the natural look while they say their "I do's" and then they are having the makeup and hair stylist stick around, to transform them into something more elaborate for the reception.  This is also a budget friendly alternative to having two wedding dresses, you can get the wow factor of two looks, by simply changing the hair and makeup and maybe adding some statement jewelry or hair pieces.

This bring us onto the next trend in bridal fashion, statement accessories.  Brides are stepping outside the box when it comes to jewelry, so long are the days of subtle pieces because these days its all about the statement and wow factor.  I've seen many brides choose a more simple dress, and then spend a bit more on an elaborate bib necklace.  This trend is also showing up in bridesmaid attire, brides are choosing to spend less on the actual dresses, but splurging when it comes to accessories. Let's not forget about the hair accessories as well; big glamorous headbands, hair combs or fancy clips are all the rage within wedding fashion.  It is bringing back the trend of having hair down and flowing, but then again adding a statement hair piece to make the bride really stand out.

Another way brides are choosing to vamp up their look, is with the ultimate wedding day accessory; lash extensions.  What better way to add drama to your look, then having a glamorous set of individual eyelashes applied to really make your eyes pop.  So whatever fashion trend you choose for your wedding day, one thing is for sure, the groom on your arm will be the best accessory of all.

Angie Keller
SW Ontario